Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fred is recovering after being struck by a pickup truck in Oregon, USA.

This is Robert Allen, the person who maintains Fred's blog. Fred is alive and recovering after being hit by a pickup truck in central Oregon, USA. He is currently in the St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon. He will need about 3 months to recover. See below for more info. As I learn more or as soon as Fred is well enough to compose his own messages, additional information will be posted.

Link to the Oregon State Police news about the incident:

Source: Oregon State Police
Source: From NBC affiliate KTVZ in Oregon


  1. Dear Robert -

    I understand that Fred recently visited you. I know that you have been a good friend to Fred. We appreciate all you do for him and this 'Bike for Orphans' Blog. Fred has a big family and we have been very upset to hear about this accident...but very thankful that he is ALIVE!
    Thanks for your kindness,
    Sister Brenda

  2. Glad to hear he is alive and recovering. Wishing Fred a speedy recovery

    Cousin CarolynZ